Jabir TV preview, and let’s talk about possible projects

In past couple of weeks, we’ve been through the restoration of this old project. Project which I have started back in 2011 and for some reason, had to shut it down in 2015. Now, project has been restored with a much much better approach comparing to the past. If you’re curious about what this project about, please first take a look at products page, then come back to this blog post.

In previous blog posts, first we’ve talked about why debian is a good choice (link) and why we need to run our programs on x86 processors (link) and to be honest, non of them were actually about the Jabir Technologies and our lines of products.

What is Jabir TV?

Do you own a television? I guess you have. Is your television one of those so-called smart televisions? probably. These days you almost pay for things you don’t want and worse, don’t use. But you may be one of those people in the lines before the apple stores to get your brand new Apple TV in order to have a high tech television setup! Now, let’s talk about Jabir TV!

Jabir TV is our attempt to create a FLOSS and privacy friendly smart TV, with some extra features on top. Features like the ability to turn your smart TV into a gaming console, or an augmented reality smart mirror!

First look at Jabir TV

Jabir TV Cadmium UI

This is Cadmium, the UI we’ve designed for Jabir TV (of course, it’s on baby steps) and as you can see, we’ll provide the ability for our users to have access to a ton of movies/tv series with ease, because it’s the computer you deserve!

What’s next?

Next, we’ll discuss other products in our line of products. For now, we have a rough idea of Jabir Kiosk, and somehow Jabir Play. So I personally push them a little bit aside and start working on Jarvis which will be our voice assistant 🙂

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