It is official, Jabir Technologies is now an AI company.

In the recent months, after the successful launch of Mann-E, another AI company founded by Muhammadreza Haghiri the founder of Jabir Technologies, there must have been some serious decisions about the future of Jabir Technologies and in this article, we’re talking about this.

The future is AI, AI is the future

In past six months, the tech world grown like crazy. It was never like this, and there are signs for people who want to make a change. Stable Diffusion was the very first thing we were just witnessing and after that, ChatGPT made a literal explosion. Stable Diffusion was cool and open-source but ChatGPT was only cool.

After a few months, we witnessed the same burst in the Large Language Model or LLM world by the release of LLaMa by Meta. Which was open source (but not completely FLOSS). Then OpenAssistant and StableLM came out which were the same, semi-open and not completely open due to the licensing of LLaMa.

This huge problem in the AI world, needs a fix. There are problems with current LLMs which we are counting in this article.

Problems with current LLMs


Most of good LLMs are not open source. The best example here can be GPT-3 and GPT-4 by OpenAI. The open source ones are also mostly based on LLaMa which has restrictions for the commercial use. Although in the past month, Red Pajama project tried to fix this.

So we need something with a better license. A model which can be used in commercial products with ease.


Both training and inference of these models is too costy. One of our efforts should be lowering this cost.


I keep this part short. There are languages more than English. One of our goal is to keep training models on different languages. Since most of people contributing in Jabir Technologies are based in Iran, we start with the Persian (Farsi) language.

Of course there are languages more than Persian in Iran, and we need to plan for those as well.

And it’s official, we are an AI company now!

Of course we haven’t forgotten our goal of making an amazing and a** kicking operating system, but for now we’re more focusing on artificial intelligence products. We have enough of good Linux based operating systems, but has anyone said anything about a Free, Libre and Open Source “Intelligent” operating system?

This is what we need and deserve. Intelligence and Freedom, in one package.

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