Important Note: Products explained on this particular page are still in their development phases, as long as they become available for public use, links to their own pages will be provided.


Universal Edition

JabirOS Universal Edition, mainly known as JabirOS, is a free/libre and open source (FLOSS) operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. The main goal of this operating system is to bring ease-of-use, safety, security and freedom to the users.

This operating system, will be available for x86 and arm machines, as well as mobile phones. You can install it on one device and use it everywhere you desire.

Enterprise Edition

JabirOS Enterprise Edition is a server operating system under development by Jabir Technologies. This operating system is also based on Debian GNU/Linux and will have enterprise-level support.

Jabir TV

Jabir TV is a media aggregation platform. You can have every TV/Movie/Music/Podcast service you love in just one place to enjoy your favorite content. Also, Jabir TV will be a privacy focused piece of software.

In the future, Jabir TV also will be available as a hardware device you can build or purchase on your own. So you have a TV monitor with an HDMI cable? Make it smart, but in the right way.

Jabir Kiosk

A  Kiosk is basically a computer which can be used publicly. Jabir Kiosks will be available for vast variety of uses such as submitting your orders at a restaurant or as a virtual try-on device on a glasses store.


Jarvis is the first AI product of Jabir Technologies. It is a voice assistant which will be shipped with the operating system (universal edition) and you may be able to call it and ask it for doing its tasks. Also, Jarvis will be available in form of a hardware device you can put inside your home and enjoy its intelligence, will your privacy isn’t violated.

Jabir Home

Imagine you’ve got a Jabir TV, and a Jarvis device. Is it too much to ask for a little more control on your home? For example, is it too much to ask Jarvis to control your lights?

Jabir Home will be available as a set of IoT solutions, and in combination with Jabir TV and Jarvis, you will be able to take control of your smart home completely in your hands.

Jabir Play

Jabir Play is a cloud gaming platform, to help you have your very favorite video games everywhere, without any cost and any expensive gear.